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Soft Rock,
Dance music

TV shows I watch

Charmed, Oprah, Dr. Phil (sometimes), anything on Discovery Health or the Military Channel

About me

I have a disability called cerebral palsy. I can walk for short distances with crutches. For long distance I use a manual wheelchair.
I was born 14 weeks premature and weighed only one pound and nine ounces. I was a mere 12 and a half inches long. I was given little t no hope of survival. In fact, the doctors actually recommended to my parents to just let me die.
My parents were told that if I did survive, I would be blind, deaf, mute, never be able to do anything for myself, and basically be in a vegetative state with no quality of life.

I have very low (almost non-existent) self esteem. I am a recovering self-injurer and have anorexic tendencies.

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    Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by Leighla's Place! Here is a kudo for you!
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    Kudos and a hug for measure gal. Take care and blessings to you, Rhiannon Rose

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